We’re a creative media laboratory building visual experiences.

Simply a creative agency

Kinoki Media is an integrated team of freelance professionals capable of managing video and media productions at all stages: planning, video shooting, editing, compositing, 3D animation, interactive media, virtual reality, augmented reality, stop motion, set design, graphic design, sound design.


Every communication project must have its roots in good design and any idea should always look fabulous!


The right convergence of different craftsmanship always allows us to obtain a quality product.

Alternative Adv.

Speak louder or just be different? We will find a way to make your brand stand out from the crowd.


From strategy development to community management, KinokiMedia is the go-to agency for reaching company audiences on social media.


We create communications and experiences that ignite business growth with Brand Purpose at the core.


Empowering brands through captivating experiences. take your trade show exhibit to the next level


Meet us.

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